Guide Wire

aerstent® GWA

aerstent® GWA

The 0.035 inch single use guide wire is used to complement the delivery systems of the aerstent® product line.
The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating of the guide wire significantly reduces friction resistance.

  • Stable and kink resistant due to nitinol core
  • Very good gliding properties due to coating material
  • Highly flexible radiopaque tip
  • Individual sterile packaging
  • Supplied in a dispenser with an insertion aid

For the distinction of the right and left main bronchus during the procedure, the guide wires are color coded

Their high stability is achieved by an inner core made of a Nitinol monofilament. The distal wire tip forms a flexible, atraumatic coil, characterized by excellent radiopacity. 

Ordering Information



⌀ Diameter


Unit (pce)


  • Nitinol
  • Color: black

0,035 inch / 0,89 mm

1800 mm



  • Nitinol
  • Color: black / yellow

The 0.035 inch guide wire is pre-loaded into a spiral dispenser. The gliding properties of the guide wire can be further improved significantly by flushing the dispenser with sterile saline solution, covering the guide wire with liquid.